Top Reasons to Have Your Criminal Records Expunged

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Top Reasons to Have Your Criminal Records Expunged

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A criminal record can have a massive dent on various aspects of your life. Perhaps, it could have been a felony in the past that you feel should not stand between you and the future. Unfortunately, in the society we live in, it is common to have people judge you for something that you did in the past, even though it was just a simple misdemeanor. To avoid such unfair judgments, you can have your criminal history expunged.

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Having a criminal record expunged can make lots of difference in your life. The best way to go about this is to hire an expungement lawyer from Laviage Law. That said, here are some reasons why you should try everything within your means to have your criminal records expunged.

Getting a New Job Will Be Easier

When applying for a job, most employers require you to fill in some information about your past. This details might be as simple as a yes or no question about whether you have ever been convicted of a crime. This scenario often presents an awkward situation for anyone with a criminal history. Instead of taking the risk of not being truthful, have your dark past deleted from your records.

To Improve Your Chances of Getting a Loan

Getting a loan is always easy for people with a criminal past. Some lenders are fond of stereotyping people with dark pasts labeling them as a high risk. This means that you might face some prohibitive rates, or at times have your loan application declined. It also means that you might have limited challenges when it comes to making investments. Having your criminal records expunged, thus, could see you improve your chances of getting a loan.


Criminal records can be used against you if you are considering adopting a child. It is worth noting that some states explicitly bar individuals with a criminal past from adopting a child. Some criminal records such as sex offenses or crimes involving children, however, cannot be expunged. But if your crimes do not seem to threaten the safety of kids, they can be deleted to help you adopt a child.

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Peace of Mind

There are instances where expunging your criminal records might help you access some services. But you can also do it for your peace of mind. Having that blemish removed on your records is essential to making you feel truly free.