The Significance of Hiring a Lawyer in DUI Cases

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The Significance of Hiring a Lawyer in DUI Cases


Although the government is doing all measures to discourage driving in the influence of liquor, drunk driving is still a problem all over the United States. In one of the statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 1 ½ million people are arrested every year for driving in the influence of liquor. To be charged with DUI, a driver should be found driving with at least .08 alcohol content in his blood. Drivers suspected of drunk driving will also undergo the Field Sobriety Test to determine if the driver is impaired due to alcohol intoxication.

Over the years, drunk driving has brought immense damage to lives and properties, and this has made DUI a serious offense in all states. Because DUI cases are treated as severe crimes, the services of competent DUI lawyers are highly advisable to guide every drunk driving offender though out the complex legal process.

Many people still think that a DUI is only a simple misdemeanor. For those who have not experienced being arrested for drunk driving, a DUI case seems easy to get away with until they are caught. You can be given the stiffest penalties even if it is your first offense, which can cause you to spend money, time, and effort. In such a case that you do not like to go through the inconveniences and for the following reasons, you should hire a DUI lawyer.

DUISaves You Time

If you are a working professional, a businessman, or anybody who values his time, you may have no choice but to hire a private lawyer to represent you in your appearances relative to the DIU case filed against you. You may be required to show up a lot of times, depending on the judge hearing the case, and it may take long hours. Skipping from work may not seem to work here. Don’t think of representing your case if you cannot attend all the hearings. It may have negative implications on your case.

Hiring a public attorney may not also be a good option as most of them are overloaded with several cases. You may need to be present in hearings just the same.

They Know Your Case

DUI attorneyHiring the services of a top-notch criminal attorney can be the best decision if you are facing a DUI case. A DUI attorney has an in-depth knowledge of the DUI law and defenses that other lawyers may not possess. This may ensure that you get the best outcome, which can result in a better plea bargain or dismissal.

They Have the Influence

When choosing the right DUI attorney, be sure to hire one who has been in the industry for some time. He must have known how to work with all the important people that are directly connected to your case. This can be favorable to you when your attorney has ample experience working with the judge and officers working on your case.