Everything you should know about premises liability


Premise liability refers to any injury directly linked to a property owner. This emanates from the property owner’s lack of disclaimers suggesting possible dangers in their property. This could also be attributed to poor maintenance of the property. Some of the cases in premises liability include construction accidents, assaults due to inadequate security, slipcases among others. This article will discuss some of the issues you need to know in regards to property liability.

Categories of people whom a premise owner owes a duty of care

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A premise owner owes injured persons in his or her premises a duty of care. However, the relationship between the injured and the owner of the premises defines the nature of the burden of care. Below are three main categories of people whom a premise owner owes the duty of care.

Invitee or welcomed visitors

This person benefits him or herself and the property owner upon paying a visit to any premises. For instance, a grocery seller will benefit from having groceries to sell. On the other hand, the property owner will earn some cash from the transaction.


A licensee refers to a person whom the property owner allows to access his or her premises. A houseguest is an excellent example of a licensee. This category of persons does not trade any benefit with the property owner.


A trespasser accesses any property with the consent of the owner. His or her act of trespass may be out of negligence or consciousness. However, irrespective …