5 Local Search Tips for Law Firms



When you enter the word “law firms” in Google’s address bar, it automatically displays the results of nearby law firms. Now, think about it for a second. You mentioned a generic keyword without any local terms. Still, you are provided with localized results. That happens because Google knows your location and it displays maps and search results accordingly.


But Why Is Google So Reliable?

Google itself is not a magician. The real effort is made by the law firms that appear on SERPs. However, many lawyers still follow the principle of word-of-mouth marketing, others find it quite difficult to find new clients through this technique. For them, the only effective way to get noticed is by investing in high quality and reliable local SEO. Why? Because, people these days rely on mobile phones to learn about anything. From finding businesses to searching products, a cell phone is the first thing they use. So, if you’ve done your homework, you’re likely to get their attention.


But before you jump to SEO techniques, think about these challenges:

1. It’s a highly competitive field.
If you’re a newcomer, you should be prepared to give your SEO some time, till they generate results.

2. Lawyers are highly ambitious and competitive.
They’re looking for results so they’d be willing to try anything that works. So, you’ll face tough competition on field-related and generic keywords.

3. Be aware of the restrictions imposed by your Bar association. In most cases, law firms don’t know about …